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Merry Christmas from the Going Beyond Team!

Dec 23, 2010

Going Beyond Team

(left to right) Carla, Linnae, Jerry, Priscilla and Rachel

Jerry and Priscilla took the team to lunch the other day, and it was so fun to just sit and eat delicious food as we talked and laughed. The food was delicious. Oh, did I already mention that?? Well, it was. Jerry always gets an earful of “girl talk,” but he’s used to it by now….and I must say he knows how to contribute to those girl discussions with just the right amount of manly insight. That’s quite a talent..and very appreciated!

And although we saved serious discussion about ministry and work for another time, there was an underlying excitement about what God is doing. 2011 is going to be an amazing year as God continues to bless and expand Priscilla’s platform and give her more opportunities to teach His word. It’s such an awesome privilege to serve God with this group of wonderful people….and it is an adventure to see what God has in store! We can’t wait.

Thank you all for being part of Going Beyond right along with us! We pray that each of you has a wonder-filled Christmas, and that Immanuel – God With Us – will be with you in a special way as you celebrate His birth. May you know His peace, His comfort, His hope and His grace in your life as you seek to “go beyond” into all that God has for you. That’s our prayer for you.

Merry Christmas from all of us,

Priscilla and Jerry, Carla, Linnae and Rachel