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Hashtag #BStudy

Jan 08, 2013

Bible study! It’s a must for any woman who wants to live victoriously. I’ll admit that I spent many of my younger years feeling like church attendance was enough. Goodness gracious, I was sitting under the unbelievably anointed teaching of Dr. Tony Evans. Every Sunday he would expound the Word with such clarity and power that our hair would part straight down the middle and blow backward like we were riding in a red convertible with the top down.

It was strong! Always. 

30 years later. . .it still is.


But I’m grateful that the Lord has been patient with me as I’ve matured enough to realize that my Sunday morning experience is not designed to replace my daily experience with Him. 

Him and Me. 



This is where our Bible study comes in. It’s the time when we soak in His Word, where He reveals His presence and where He makes His will for us more and more clear. So, here at the start of a brand new year, I want to encourage you to dive in deeply to God’s Word. You can just choose a book of the Bible and march straight through it from beginning to end or you can use a Bible study that covers a particular topic or Bible study character.


Right now, I’m meditating on and memorizing the book of Colossians. It has been rich and rewarding and I’m looking forward to everything the Lord will teach me through it.


My sisters from twitter-land chimed in with the studies they are engaged in. I thought a compiled list of some of them might help you to make a selection and get going right away! I simply gathered the titles sent by the first couple dozen responses to my twitter request but there are so many other amazing teachers and writers who are making an impact in God’s Kingdom. If you have another great study to add, please leave a comment. The more the better!


Bless you – you Bible toting Jesus girl!





The Law of Love (Deuteronomy)
Beth Moore

Discerning the Voice of God
Priscilla Shirer

No Other Gods 
Kelly Minter

The Resolution For Women 
Priscilla Shirer

The One Year Chronological Bible
Tyndale House Publishers

Lord, Teach Me To Pray 
Kay Arthur

Living By Grace, Galatians 
Lifeway Christian Resources

When Godly People Do UnGodly Things 
Beth Moore

Experiencing God 
Henry Blackaby

The 7-Experiment
Jen Hatmaker

Lisa Harper

Faithful, Abundant and True
Arthur, Moore, Shirer

Kay Arthur

The Fruit of the Spirit
Beth Moore

Lord, Help Me Grow Strong in 28 days
Kay Arthur

Keep a Quiet Heart
Elisabeth Elliot

David, Seeking a Heart Like His
Beth Moore

Cloud and Townsend

Kelly Minter

Beth Moore

One Thousand Gifts
Ann Voskcamp

Matt Chandler

Breaking Free
Beth Moore

Beth Moore

Engage Bible Studies

Priscilla Shirer

Beth Moore

He Speaks To Me
Priscilla Shirer

The Bride of Christ

Martha Lawley

Trusting God Day by Day
Joyce Meyer

You are Gifted
Ken Hemphill

Duty or Delight
Tammy Head

Kelly Minter

A Woman of Beauty
Dee Brestin

The Lamb of God
Nancy Guthrie

The Gospel Project
Lifeway Christian Resources

Jennie Allen