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Jan 06, 2013

We do some of the same things every day…we wake up.  Some of your mornings consist of shoving a glass of milk down your own thrat while busting out cold pop-tarts for your elementary school kid as he waits at the bus stop.  Oatmeal might be healthier, but it is more likely to get air-missiled and lodged into your hair from the toddler happily enjoying his “throwing” stage.  You manage to brush the teeth of your school children but foget your own until mid-day.  And by that point, a stick of gum seems to do the trick with less mess!  

Others of us have a very organized morning of spending time with Jesus as soon as our feet hit the floor.  We might even manage to get a walk or jog around the block before carefully choosing our attire and heading out for a job.  

The stories that make up all of our lives are as wide and varied as the earth is round!  But the whole point of it is….there is some “same”-ness in all of our lives.  And the rote, day-in, day-out ordinary, can easily breed a sense of stagnancy in us.  We’ve done carpool before, we can coast through it.  We’ve done this Bible Study or read that passage before, we can breeze over it.  


We can realize: we are given today for a reason.  We are doing these same things again, for a reason.  It’s not so that we can grow numb and forget we are alive in this moment.  And to be honest, we might never know why the days of kid’s potty training, or waiting for a husband, have stretched far past when we learned the lessons of patience or acceptance or contentment.  But we DO know that He gave us this day.  And He has allowed the things in this day to happen to us.  Moreso, He has things He wants to do THROUGH us this day.  

So.  As this new year has barely peeked her face at us, let’s set our eyes to the North.  Let’s zone in on what He wants to speak to us today; what He wants to do through us today.  LOOK!  LOOK!  Open your EYES my friend!  He is at work all around the world…let Him transform your world…with YOU!

What do you want to see Him do this year?  How do you want to see Him work…IN you?  I’m dying for Him to transform my idea of Him…to be more like HIM!

Can’t wait to do this year with you…to see all He is going to do in and through us.