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Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 18, 2011

I was at the mall on Saturday and it was a delightful, disaster! The irony of it all was comical. (Somehow I think you know what I’m talking about)

Holiday cheer was swirling in the air and every store pulsed with festive energy. “Sale” signs dotted the doorways of every single entry way and hurried shoppers smiled despite the crowds. 


And.. the crowds were in full swing.


The delight of holiday shopping could have been lost by the horrendous traffic jams outside, the overcrowded parking lot, the lines that wrapped around entire stores and the slim pickings left in some departments.  (The pianist in Nordstrom is the only thing that kept everyone’s sanity in tact.)

Yes.. it was delightful. . . in a disastrous kind of way.

I enjoyed every moment though and the reason was simple – most of my holiday shopping is done. (Emphasis on the word “MOST”) Apart from a gift for my husband, I’ve tackled most everyone on my list. I wasn’t at the mall to find the perfect last-minute gift, which is always frustrating when there is a crowd blocking your way. I just wanted to meander around leisurely while drinking a sumptuous hot drink and duck into whatever stores really peaked my interest (and looked semi-deserted). It was fun and I’ve decided that this should be the way I approach Christmas every single year. 

We’ll see if those high hopes actually become a reality. *sigh

The sight of all of those shoppers reminded me of how many of us are still looking for ideas for people (I could use one for my father actually). So, I thought I would tell you a few of my favorite finds this year and that you could do the same. With just 6 days before Christmas we could all use some crafty ideas to thrill the people we love on Christmas morning. 

So, here are some of my picks this year. 

For my big boys (ages 9 and 7) :

Stealth Video Glasses

Matrix Motorcycle
(It’s a bit pricey. So grateful for “Nonny and Poppy” who gladly obliged!)

For my mother:

This isn’t the exact outfit that I got her but it is very similar and comes from this company! I love all of their things
For my friends:

I’ve been dropping off loaves of My Mom’s Famous Pumpkin Bread wrapped neatly in foil with a nice Christmas bow attached!
There’s nothing like a gift you made with your own hands!

I’ve also fallen in love with some of the sale items here!

For ministry partners:

We sent some of our ministry friends this darling monogrammed ornament from Potterybarn

And we also thought that a few of the girls in the LifeWay Women’s Events Department would enjoy these delicious scarves. So, we sent them the photo below along with one of these cute offerings from Target

For my husband. . . 
Well . . . I can’t tell you because he reads this blog 😉 I’ll fill you in later.

So, what have you fallen in love with this year? Leave a link to an online site that carries it if you can. Let’s help each other out!
Enjoy your shopping!