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Just Breathe

Feb 28, 2013

For the GB Team, most of our days seem to speed by in a blur…one to-do item being checked off after another.  Creative hats are traded for problem-solving hats…which in turn are traded in for brainstorming-new-projects hats.  We go from the office to the home to the conference.  There is a non-stop whirlwind!  

Ok.  So you get the drift:  Our lives look a lot like yours.    

Last weekend I went on my first vacation in…maybe EVER.  I don’t take vacations.  If I have time to take off I’ll go to a friend’s wedding or to my parents house to reorganize the garage or to watch my sisters kids or to visit a friend who just had kids.  But last weekend, I went on a good, ol’-fashioned, honest-to-goodness vacation.  Complete with sand between my toes, no agenda and a flight required to get there.  And it was…pure magic.

Our balcony overlooked the ocean…we would leave the a/c off and the sliding glass doors wide open…and just breahte in the fresh air.  The waves lulled us into this place of relaxation…and we just breathed.  Deep.

(View from the back door)

I walked away with a few thoughts.

1.  Vacations are EVERYTHING everyone has been cracking them up to be!  I’ve been missing out!

2.  I need to spend 15 minutes in the outdoors everyday.  EVERY.  DAY.  Eating lunch…or just walking to get mail…my soul comes alive in the outdoors.

3.  My feet appear to have had a professional manicure.  In reality, I just took a few walks on the beach…turns out, sand is a fantastic exfoliator!

4.  Meditation is good for the skin.  I would sit in the sun and just think of God and His Word for about 15 minutes at a time each day…I came back simply glowing (or so the friends tell me!).

5.  Never take a full suitcase of clothes to the beach…you only need an extra set of clothes.  The rest of the clothes will sit in that case, collecting sand.

6.  Candles, friends and laughter make everything better.  

On our last night there, we sat around laughing and reminiscing.  We went around the circle answering 2 questions…

1.  When were you most happy?

2.  What goal do you want to accomplish in this year?

I said, “1.  Right now.  I like myself more than I ever have…I know Jesus better than I ever have…I enjoy the community and church He has led me to.  2.  I want to finish writing that book I always talk about writing.”  

Ok.  So what about YOU?  When were YOU most happy?  What goal do YOU want to accomplish this year?  Lemme know!  And then we can check back in with you to see how you’re doing with it in a few months!

Love y’all…find a way to breathe today…sit outside…call a friend…meditate on Jesus.  


Breathing deep…