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Possibly My Favorite One Yet…

Mar 01, 2013

Hey all!

It’s the beginning of the month…one of our favorite times at the GB offices.  Why?  Because we get a new Jewelry Box from our favorite author!  Grab your snuggie, a quiet comfy corner and a cuppa’ joe and just breathe in this month’s JB and then meet us back here….

Here we are, centered around a subject we are all quite familiar with:  Pain.  If you don’t have pain in your life, you know someone who has pain or you WILL have pain in your life.  It’s inevitable.  One of those “consequences of the fall” things.  Do you remember that verse in James that is just annoying at times?  You know the one, “Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trials of many kinds…”  Ug.  Consider trials, pain, to be JOY?  It’s annoying until you look at the story Priscilla shared in the Jewelry Box.  At that point, you realize, the boundaries that pain indicates are beautiful.  For your good.  And even keep us alert to how to avoid future pain.

Today I’m working on considering pain to be pure joy…for it develops me into a more Christ-like woman…if I but let it do it’s job.  

Grateful for you…what are YOUR thoughts on the Jewelry Box?


You are LOVED!