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Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Sep 02, 2010

was a tv show by that name. Do you remember it? Bill Cosby was the host
of this hilarious program that showcased bright children answering
questions on very adult topics. Their responses were often eye opening,
but always brought on knee-slapping laughter from the audience in the
studio – and the audience on their couches at home.

I don’t know about you, but my home is often a tv show all by itself. Sometimes I listen to my kids in amazement. On occasion what they say is funny, but sometimes it causes me to slip into a deep contemplation as I consider their words.

Take this morning, for instance. My six year old was sitting at the
kitchen counter in front of his favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs,
bacon and cinnamon toast. As I scampered around the kitchen trying to
finish the “get-out-the-door-to-school” routine, he said, “Mom, will I
ever be in a war. . . ummm, like a battle. . . . with Satan?”
I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face him. His cheeks were full of food and he looked my direction intently.

“Oh yes son, not only will you be in a war. . . you already are.”

“Cool! Will I get to use a bow and arrow?”

What transpired was a full dialogue on spiritual warfare and the type of
weapons that are at his disposal. Got him thinking. .   . and got me
thinking too.

Your kids ever innocently say or ask something that brought on an avalanche of dialogue on deep spiritual things?