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The Lord, The Miracles and….The Shoes

Jul 19, 2010

It was so great to meet so many of you yesterday. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share your sentiments with me and the team. I assure you, I’ve read every single one of them and desire so much to respond personally to each. Somehow, I bet you understand if I’m not able to. :)However, now that we’re on a first name basis, I thought I’d just share something a bit personal with you. (After all, that’s what friends do, right?) The Lord and I seem to have this little inside joke that’s just between the two of us. It’s just a little Father-daughter endearing exchange that’s made its mark in our relationship. It all began a while ago when I was memorizing Job 28:23-24:  

God understands the way to it and he alone knows where it dwells,

For he views the ends of the earth; and sees everything under the heavens.

The idea of Him knowing the place of everything under the heavens took root in my heart and I began to seriously seek His attention any time I’d misplaced something, or was in need of something that I couldn’t track down. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times, He’s surprised me by sending me to just the right location to find something that I’d been searching for, for hours on end, or the times He actually laid it on someone else’s heart to give something to me that had just been a quiet desire in the recesses of my heart. In one case, after searching for over three months for a precious brag book containing my kids’ pictures, I prayed a teary-eyed prayer that God would search the whole earth and find it for me. I came home that afternoon to find it (you won’t believe this) on my pillow . . . like a little gift from heaven. It seem to me that God was saying, “I’ve just been waiting on you to ask ME where it was. Next time, don’t let it take you so long to ask.”So, three months ago I ask the Lord to find me some shoes. These shoes.

The Shoes

You see, I’d purchased these in a beige color from Nine West. I didn’t actually have a chance to wear them for quite a while and when I did, I was in love. They were the most comfortable pair of high heeled shoes I’d ever spoken in. After a full day of standing on a platform teaching, my feet didn’t hurt a bit. (comfortable shoes that are also cute are a speaker’s dream!) I immediately called the Nine West store and began searching on line to find the shoes in black. But I was too late. They were out of stock and no one was offering my size or the right color on Craig’s List or Ebay.

So, after a few weeks of looking and being disappointed, I remembered the track record I had with God regarding things like this. I said a brief but very important prayer, “Lord, I’d really love to have these shoes. I know you are fully aware of where a pair are. I know there are far more important things for you to take care of today but. . . can you find them for me?”That was 3 months ago.Last night, I went on ebay, typed in the same search criteria I’ve been using for months and up popped a brand new pair of the shoes I’ve been looking for . . . in the right color and the right size.

I was beside myself. It’s a miracle . .. A SHOE MIRACLE! And sometimes, finding a perfect pair can be the biggest miracle of all.I’m so glad the Lord cares about my feet being semi-comfortable when I’m teaching. I guess it’s a small thing in the grand scheme of life, but it’s HUGE to me. 

My God knows that and  . . he cares!Thanks for the shoes Daddy,Priscilla