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Losing My Life

Michone’ Taylor | Aug 19, 2014

Sometimes we have the tendency to forget – forget why we are here, forget that God loves, forget that He protects, and forget that our purpose is to know God and make Him known. Instead, we often decide to focus on the fleeting things of this world and allow the downfalls of those around to steer us in the wrong direction. We take much offense when the people in our lives offend or hurt us. As a result, self-protection becomes our focal points. Instead of giving all of ourselves to others, we close ourselves off from their investment in us…and our investment in them.

But what if we sat and really thought about how our heavenly father has set all of this up. We would find that fullness of life is found when we lose our lives. When we give it away to the poor, to the oppressed, to the sick, to the sinner, to the believer, to the offenders. Our greatest fulfillment is found not when we think highly of ourselves, seeking to exalt oneself or self protect, but when we willingly and openly seek to serve and give to others. (Matt 10:39)

I sometimes get so lost in deceitful thoughts wondering, “Who will watch out for me while I’m pouring myself out for others?” Well, our Father promises to do that. He also promises restoration.

Life Lived

So today, in the strength of our Savior, let us resolve to throw out resentment and give all of ourselves – our joy, our hope, our excitement, our gifting, our energy, and our lives to others, knowing that we serve the great restorer. We can choose to tear down the walls that keep us from loving and serving one another. We cannot do this in our own power because it is an impossible task, but we can spread God’s love and gospel in the energy and power that He gives us through the Holy Spirit. (Col. 1:28)

Lord, give us the ability to trust in your unfailing love, living in a way that is pleasing to you today. (Ps. 107:43) I pray that we understand all that you give to us is simply for us to be stewards over. I pray that we will seek instruction on how to use it to serve and to give to someone else. Our time, our energy, our lives, our love, our talents, they all belong to you, entrusted to us for your good work. So, we stand today resolving to give it ALL to you, allowing you to do your good work in this world through us your children.

“…for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Phil. 2:13)

Be Blessed,