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Meet Kari Jobe

Priscilla | Apr 18, 2010


Hey there blog family.

As always, it’s great to meet with you here today. I’m so glad you stopped by. Especially since I love introducing you to wonderful men and women of God who are impacting the world for His glory.

Today, I want you to meet Kari Jobe. You may already know her but just not be aware of it. The first time I heard a song that Miss Kari had recorded, I was blown away by the angelic texture of her voice and the power of the music she presented. For over two years, I listened to one particular song, used it in my own personal worship time and shared it during the prayer times at our Going Beyond women’s conferences. I had no idea who the artist was but was simply drawn to God’s presence upon her ministry. It would be some time later that I heard “the voice” again and ran up to the owner of the CD to ask who was singing. She said, “Kari Jobe” and I was hooked.

Since that time, Kari has recorded incredible music that has not only taken the music industry by storm but more importantly, has drawn men and women into an intimate worship experience with the Lord. So, take a moment today to get to know Kari Jobe. You will be so glad you did.

Bless you today!

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Meet Kari Jobe from Going Beyond