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Spring Fashion Question

Rachel Anne | Apr 15, 2010

We hereby interrupt the all the spiritual posts by posing a decidedly UNspiritual question:

If you were to purchase a couple of new, trendy items for your Spring wardrobe, what would they be and why?

And a follow-up: have you found any great deals lately? We want to look good, but let’s face it, we’re cheapskates.

Would you buy shoes? (These are from Go Jane, and are nicely priced!)

Go Jane Shoes

A new dress? (This one is from Woman’s Day online . . . darling, but with MY arms? ahem)

Woman's Day Fashions

We’ll leave the bigger, more theological questions like, “skinny jeans or boot-leg?” and “do empire waists flatter ANYONE?” and “will shoulder pads make a comeback?” for another day. For now, our wardrobes just need a quick boost into Spring with your fashion ideas.

C’mon ladies! Help your sisters out!
Rachel, for the Going Beyond girls