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Monday Awesomeness (Our October Awaken Recap).

Oct 27, 2013



It was…


A one of a kind night.



Awaken Reaction from Going Beyond on Vimeo.

Were. You. There?!?!


We were a little bummed when we realized Priscilla wouldn’t be able to make last week’s highly anticipated Awaken event. It was SO HARD to keep a secret, but when Ms. Beth Moore graciously offered to take her place we were almost beside ourselves!



The incredible team at Fellowship Dallas hosted more then 1500 women for an absolutely fantastic evening! It’s a unique moment that brings together women from all over the DFW area for a dual purpose: serving others and getting challenged and encouraged by the power of Christ’s word living and active in us.



Not only did Ms. Beth deliver to us a powerful message on healing, and how our scars can be remade into a signature of Christ, in turn we got to pour into Jesus Said Love, a dynamic ministry dedicated to reaching out to women marginalized by the exotic entertainment business (get more information about Jesus Said Love and volunteering here).

Check out the rest of these snippets we grabbed from the event, then leave us a comment and tell us how Ms. Beth Moore brought The Word and ROCKED your world!​







P.S: Just In Case You Missed It …
You’re officially invited to our very first 2014 Awaken with Priscilla on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, at First Baptist Dallas. This will be an amazing night of fellowship, worship, teaching and encouragement!


The event is free but registration is still required (we’ll have more information about that, soon).
Mark your calendars NOW, line up a babysitter, and invite your friends, family and co-workers to this special night!
Connect with us on twitter for updates and more information: @AwakenDFW