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New Bible Study on the Horizon!

The Going Beyond Team | May 14, 2019

Hi Friends!!

Priscilla recently gathered with a group of sweet, God-fearing young women to discuss identity. Each of the ladies in attendance came from varying backgrounds and races, ages and experiences. Their diverse demographic allowed for an all-embracing conversation about how they define themselves and the pressures society places on them to see themselves a certain way. Contrary to societal standards, Priscilla’s study time with the girls turned their attention towards Who truly defines them and what their significance is rooted in.

We know conversations encompassing “identity” can be very difficult to navigate. This is exactly why Priscilla decided to write her newest study, Defined: Who God Says You Are*. She wants to ease the tension this topic brings and speak truth about an often, misconstrued subject.

There was an air of genuine respect among the girls as they connected across a wide range of ages (14-22) and life experiences. They were truly bonded in the common fact that they are made in the image of Christ. Free from judgment, they were able to express their insecurities and encourage one another to be just who they are. Their conversation, along with Priscilla’s Bible study teaching, was recorded and will be included in the Bible study series. Our hope is that this resource will equip the young women in your life to stand firm in their spiritual identity and find their value and worth in their relationship with the most high King!

-The Going Beyond Team

*Defined: Who God Says You Are is a Bible study for teen girls and young women. It will be available in August 2019. The Bible study work book and leader kit are available for pre-buy now!!