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AWAKEN Gathering Recap!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 25, 2019

Just a few Thursdays ago we had our first AWAKEN gathering of the year! It was a spiritually fulfilling evening to remember! Our last event was in 2017 so we were beyond excited to gather again. Our AWAKENed ladies arrived early at Cottonwood Creek Church to a warm, energized welcome from the volunteers and lively, instrumental worship!

It was so great to see all of the women that walked through those doors with donations in hand to bless the local outreach we selected for this gathering, Heart House Dallas. They were overwhelmed with the summer supplies they needed to serve the youth of our Dallas/Ft. Worth community and their families.

Eager to reserve seats, some ladies lined up at the sanctuary entrance doors in the lobby while others perused the merch table for resources. Many women mingled, and laughed, and took pictures at selfie stations! New friendships were definitely formed!

6:00pm rolled around and the sanctuary doors finally opened! In just moments, eager hearts filled the 2,000 + seats. Women were ready with anticipation in welcoming the Word of God to penetrate their hearts.

The event began and Anthony led worship that elevated the energy in the room and set the atmosphere. The Holy Spirit was present and lives were already being transformed.

Women worshipped and prayed and received a Word on behalf of our very own Priscilla. She reminded us to abide in Him . . . to be strong . . . and to be still. (John 15:4)

Our AWAKENed women were reminded that God sees each of His daughters – especially a young woman by the name of Jewel Ford. She is a woman who continues to be wide awake to the needs of her community despite her circumstances. Her selflessness was one of the very reasons she was chosen as our Wide Awake Award winner. She was showered with love and blessed with baskets full of pampering treasures! It was all a total surprise to her (and we liked it that way)! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

We also wanted to gift the attendees that night. They were all given a small token to remind them of the message for the evening . . . be strong, be still.

At the close of the night, after we worshipped, cried, and were filled with the Word, we celebrated our victory over an abundance of donuts! Whoever said sugar was a bad idea before bed had not seen a donut wall!

Hearts were filled, empty tanks were refueled and the mission of the evening was a success – to God be the glory. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or are ever visiting, be sure to join us for an AWAKEN gathering. We have them just a couple times a year. But in the meantime, be sure to join our virtual sisterhood on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Much love!
The Going Beyond Team