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Notes From My Quiet Time

Aug 31, 2010

Notes from my Quiet Time

personal quiet time as been filled with rich details about Solomon’s
kingdom lately. I’m knee deep into 2 Chronicles, and I’m not studying
it to teach it but just to be edified by it. There is certainly a
difference. My “spiritual lenses” focus much more personally when I’m
looking into the Scripture to hear God’s Word only for myself.
While the insights I’m gathering may indeed one day make a message from
which others can benefit, right now, the Holy Spirit is just digging
deeply into me – exploring me, reminding me, convicting me, challenging
me and rearranging me.
It’s a good thing.

Several days ago, I ran across these two lines and my insides leaped:
2 Chronicles 9:20 – “. . .silver was not considered valuable in the days of Solomon.”
2 Chronicles 9:27 – “. . . And the king made silver as common as stones in Jerusalem.”

I was intrigued – the king chose to offer that which was not considered
valuable. Seems that the king’s value system was a bit different than
the people’s.
I’ve jotted some thoughts down in this month’s Jewelry Box article. Take a peek and then pop back over here to tell me what the
Spirit speaks to your heart.
I’m anxious to hear about it.

Bless you today.