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Office Fair Day 2016!

Nicole | Oct 18, 2016

We definitely look forward to this day – an office visit to the State Fair of Texas. It’s a trip that the entire Going Beyond staff takes every year. Every year. We look forward to it and create our schedules around it! When the day arrives, we close the office, pile up in to a car, and drive to the fair.



The weather is always just right when we go – not too hot, not too cold. It’s a cool with a perfect Fall breeze. A breeze that carries the smells of each vendor’s prized food item your way. Luring you in. And lured in we were!


This fair is like none other. I’ve been to a few fairs in my lifetime but since I’m new to TX, I’ve been told I haven’t truly experienced a fair until I’ve been to this one. It’s a place where you can get everything under the sun FRIED. And trust me, “everything” isn’t an exaggeration either.


There’s fried coke, fried oreos, fried ice-cream, fried thanksgiving dinner, friend bubble gum, just to name a few. Some things, honestly, left us wondering, “How’d they fry that??”. But . . . we eat it anyway!!





We ate until our stomachs couldn’t fit anymore; we walked until our feet couldn’t stand it; and we had fun until it was time to pile back in our cars for our trip home.



And as we rode home our stomachs were eagerly awaiting for next year’s trip!