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One Day At A Time

Nov 13, 2011

This weekend presented a few challenges for me that were quite unexpected. I’m sure that you all can relate to that – thinking that you are heading in one direction, circumstances change, and then you find yourself having to re-evaluate and figure out what your next actions/steps will be. 

I was sitting at a coffee shop today journaling and processing through some of these things with God, and I came to the realization that I had a lot of questions . . . and a LOT of thoughts . . . and I really wasn’t sure how to process them all. I recalled the verse in Matthew 6 where it says that your Father knows what you need before you even ask Him. Well, if God’s Word is true, and I know that it is, then I could trust that He already knew what I was trying to express to Him. He knows my thoughts better than I do, and not only that, he can actually give me what I need before I ask!

So I decided that for this particular day I just wanted to ask God what He wanted to tell me. Becuase my thoughts and feelings were not getting me anywhere. And so, I did just that. I asked, out loud, “God what do You want to tell me today? What do I need to know about this particular situation?”

I heard these words come in my head: “One day at at time”. 

I thought to myself, well… that’s interesting. But I wrote it down. And stared at those words on my piece of paper. And it was so freeing for me when I read it, because it completely took all the weight and worry off of me. It made feel peaceful and gave me hope. I knew God was going to give me exactly what I needed, one day at a time.

I got home and started talking to my roommates about some things. And you would not believe what BOTH of them said to me: Linnae, you need to just take it one day at a time

I stood there in shock when those words came out of their mouths. I ran to grab my journal, went back into the room, and told them that I had JUST journaled those very words earlier. It was amazing! It was confirmation that God was indeed speaking specifically to me and this situation. And that all I need to do right now is to just take things one day at time and not worry about what is ahead.

Simple, right? And yet so powerful to this eager soul of mine. 

Is there something that you are seeking direction on today? A decision you are trying to make? God loves for you to speak with Him and ask Him what to do. His response may not be quite the same as His was to me, but I do know that He longs to be gracious to you and help you in your time of need. 

And while you are waiting, no need to worry, just take it one day at a time . . .