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Resolute Woman Spotted At Walmart

Nov 14, 2011

Meet Cecelia Taylor:

She was at the Walmart register right behind mine as we checked out simultaneously. I’d caught her eyes initially, smiled politely and then turned back around to dig in my purse and fish out my credit card for payment. But somehow, I still felt eyes burning ANOTHER little hole in the back of my raggedy jeans (yes, the same jeans that I wore when I was pregnant and won’t give up cause the waist line is so doggone comfortable.) Sure enough, right when I was thinking I’d escaped Walmart without running into a fellow church member or old highschool friend, Ms. Cecelia asked me if I was who she thought I might be and then preceded to tell me that she was a part of the Resolution Revolution Book Club!

YAY! I am so glad that I got to meet her and that my “real life” persona, that can often look vastly different from my on line one, didn’t throw her off too much! =)

So right there in between register 14 and 15, we hugged and got to have a little “resolution” talk. It was wonderful to meet one of our book club members who is with us for the journey.

I thought you might enjoy meeting her too . . . and meeting each other!

So, how about a little book club ROLL CALL today! Give us your name, where you live and what is the most meaningful or challenging part of the reading for you this week. 
Can’t wait to hear from you . . . and run into you in the local Walmart!