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One in a Million

Sep 08, 2010


home Bible study

couple nights ago, I got a chance to do something that I NEVER get on
opportunity to do. I sat in on a group Bible study. Women were gathering in
someone’s home for their last week of the One In A MIllion study. I
just loved being a fly on the wall as they shared what the Holy Spirit
has been doing in their lives over plates of brownies, artichoke dip
with chips, chicken niblets, the best chicken salad I’ve ever had,
sandwiches, sweet tea and more. (Now THIS is how Bible study should be

I’ll tell on myself and admit that I peered into a few workbooks and saw
their answers to questions scribbled in margins, between lines, and any
and everywhere they could find. I was encouraged to see them flipping
back and forth between that Promised Land Living list, the map of the
exodus and the page of their weekly lesson they were covering that
night. For just a moment, I got to be on the “inside” – out from my
desk, laptop and mound of commentaries – to see real live women
digesting the study.
The Lord used this evening and this group of women to encourage me. Just
watching them study encouraged me. So when, at the end of night,
several of them raised their hands to share words with me directly and
when many more passed cards and notes they’d brought with them to me, I was
floored. . . .and blessed and encouraged to keep on going.
I’m grateful for this group and for the many other groups that have
chosen to be students of God’s Word with me. It’s worth it, huh?
Let’s keep digging deep. You and me together. Ok?
So tell me. . . what are you studying right now?