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Aug 20, 2012

Perplexed.  . . but not despairing
(2 Cor. 4:8)

This Sunday, I learned that being perplexed is not only normal but to be expected in the life of a believer. I was so grateful to hear that since much of my life seems to be a mystery right now.There are several issues that I really do wish God would give me directions about. AND I’d like them to be clear and specific – given on a heavenly bull horn that resonates in a divine tone that is unmistakable. But this isn’t happening right now and according to the Apostle Paul, it’s alright. Apparently, being perplexed is normal, even natural sometimes.Despite our persistent desire to know every detail as to why God is doing something and intricate information about how He is doing it, He often chooses only to give us little bits of insight at a time. We have to choose whether to appreciate what we’ve been given and walk obediently and confidently in it or languish in despair over that which is still not clear and become paralyzed by worry and concern.What if God has chosen to give you and I a certain measure of obscurity in our circumstances because it is the best gymansium in which our faith can be strengthened. According to Paul, knowing it all is not always best for you. . .or for me. So, God often chooses to allow us to look at life with a raised eyebrow that furrows our brow and say, “What in the World?”.Then, instead of answering, He just keeps controlling the world and our lives in it.That’s why Paul says we can be perplexed without falling into despair. Because a godly perplexity is cushioned by a secure hope in the sovereignty and safety of God.Perplexed about something today? Don’t despair my friend. You might not be sure about much but can be confident in Him.Priscilla