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Pink Impact

Rachel Anne | Apr 12, 2010

This week, Priscilla is speaking at Pink Impact, Gateway’s annual women’s conference in Southlake, TX. It’s nice having an event so close to home, and one that really empowers women to do amazing things for God.  Here’s what’s happening:

Pink Impact

Since 2006, women from across the nation have gathered to participate in Pink Impact—an annual women’s conference hosted by Pink (Gateway Women). Pink Impact is renowned for providing women with an opportunity to hear from the most dynamic and inspiring Christian leaders of our generation. Along with gifted communicators, there’s anointed worship, talented performers, special surprises and lots of fun. Pink Impact attracts women who are eager to meet like-minded women, gain wisdom,
receive encouragement, hear God and love extravagantly. This environment encourages women to return home changed by God and empowered to do amazing things.

I myself will only be able to attend part of the conference, which is a bit disappointing due to my work schedule, but I’m totally looking forward to hearing Kari Jobe AND Priscilla in the same night! Now THAT’S rockin’, ladies.

I’m also looking forward to learning “what amazing things” I’m empowered to do. In my world of housekeeping, work and family activities, I could use a shot of amazing grace for teenagers, boundless love for my man, and limitless joy in sorting socks and underwear. Hey, that’s where I’m at, Lord.

Wouldja meet me here, God? I’m under the laundry pile.


Where are YOU, today, my friend? 🙂