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Popping Over to Say Hi

Rachel Anne | Mar 23, 2010


I’ve always wanted to have friends that would just “pop over” to say hello. Doesn’t that sound delightful? God answered my prayers when Priscilla moved close to me and I LOVE that we can simply stop in, give a hug, chat for a few minutes and then continue on with our days. It’s like a little serendipity that happens and it blesses my soul to pieces.

I was DELIGHTED that Priscilla popped over yesterday. I did not expect her to be a functioning human being until at least tomorrow. But she and little Jude were out enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather so she came on up to the house and we visited, while Jude decided if he had enough courage to pet my old lab, Beau. I wanted to know every.single.detail. about her time in Sydney, but I tried to be polite and not pepper her with questions. I was captivated by the whole concept of what the “Sisterhood” is all about: impacting humanity in ways that are incredible.

Who would think that moms and college students and grandmothers could help someone on the other side of the world who has been sold into sex slavery? Or that we could transform a mutilated woman’s face by providing cosmetic surgery – restoring her dignity and worth?

When Priscilla hasn’t been just off a 24 hour flight, up with kids and taking care of a sick husband, I will ask her more about it all.

I will also ask her how she can look so cute after such a grueling trip home and jumping right back into the thick of motherhood! There’s GOT to be a secret, and I’m bound and determined to find out.  Will keep you posted.