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Spring Storms

Priscilla and Rachel Anne | Mar 24, 2010


The first Spring storm rumbled through last night, and I listened to the thunder from the safety of my home. I love the new radar technology that allows me to see exactly where the storms are.  Every channel carries minute-by-minute 3D doppler views that reveal each lightning strike, where the heaviest rain is, the direction of the wind, the leading edge, any rotation and hail, and most importantly, where the END of the storm is.

I can rest easily in the worst of the season’s storms when I know the end is in sight. How I wish the rest of life’s storms came with such views!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew exactly when your current trial would be over and “clear skies” were just ahead?

Well, we may not have a 3D doppler radar, but we DO have an eternal “radar” that gives us a view of our troubles that lets us rest in Him.

2 Cor. 4:17 says, For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! (NLT)

Are you weathering a storm in your life? The Bible tells us that we shouldn’t be surprised by them when they happen. Rats, I was kinda wishing I’d find a promise in there that would exempt us from life’s tempests. Instead, we have a book filled with promises that give us strength and courage to face every onslaught – and come out victorious in Him.

AND we are promised that our storms won’t last forever. There are better days to come. Our afflictions are for a moment.

Eternal glory lies ahead.

Blessings and clear skies today,
Rachel and Priscilla

Which promise are you standing on today?