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Random Pictures

Apr 26, 2011

. . that is precisely what is in my cell phone. Tons of random pictures
that I love to scroll through on occasion. But honestly, the vast
amount of photos are taking up too much space on my phone’s memory – I don’t
know that for sure, I’m just taking a guess. They just have to be. What
started out as a handful of shots taken when my “real” camera wasn’t
nearby has turned into a smorgasbord of images that seem to be growing
in number every day. It’s just ridiculous.

It’s so hard though, isn’t it – to not take pictures when taking them is just so doggone easy to do.

So.  . .I’m cleaning house. . . er, um. . .at least my phone – but
before I do I thought you might like to take a peek at some of my
pictures. Just for fun.

If you could care less, please forgive me and scroll down to a more spiritually edifying post from the selections below 🙂


To text to a friend who asked what jewelry and shoes I had on for Easter. Lol!


Jude helping me in my attempts to get some flowers growing for the spring. (The Shirer’s do not have a green thumb.)


What kind of mother takes a picture of her son in the hospital after getting six stitches? Ummm…that would be me.


Considering whether or not this dress was cute enough to buy…Don’t worry. I didn’t get it.(Told u I was having a fashion crisis)


One of my sweetest & closest friends in the whole world, Lisa Whelchel.


Our new fence as it was going up last
week. I just love it..simple, elegant, a bit rural…..

makes me feel
like we live in the country for real!


The skating birthday party my boys were
invited to this past weekend.

(if you were wondering, the girl in the tutu
is the birthday girl. Isn’t she cute?)


Jude with my nephew Jonathan Jr.


The boys – after fishing over at Rachel’s house. I love this picture. Makes me smile.


My sister and I hanging out with our little ones.


A random, vintage door that I’d really
love to get installed in my office. Jerry doesn’t understand why in the
world you’d get a new door (that’s actually pretty old) when you have a
perfectly new Home Depot door already in place.


There’s no body that shops like….Miss
Beth. If she ever stops teaching the Bible she should be a professional
shopper. I’m just sayin….