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Really, Kids. Don’t Spare My Feelings

Jun 30, 2010

pHey there friend,/p
pSo glad you’re here today. It’s been a full week for me. I’ve not been
home for 7 days. They’ve been filled with wonderful ministry
opportunities and exhausting summer fun with my boys. The highlight of
this time has been participating in ministry with my brother, Anthony
Evans Jr. He led worship and I taught a packed auditorium. It was
delightful. /p
pMore than anything I love allowing my children to be a part of our
ministry. I was so excited to take them with me, hoping they’d enjoy
experiencing worship led by their uncle, and watching “mama” speak to
those gathered./p
pOn the way to the church, Anthony asked them how they felt about this
opportunity (that we thought was so grand). Lest you wonder how the Lord
ensures that we stay humble, please watch this video and you’ll soon
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