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Resolution Revolution Book Club – Week 5

Oct 13, 2011

I cannot think of a better way to kick off this week’s Resolution Revolution book club than to introduce you to one of our Canadian members. Her name is Moheen! You’ve probably seen her posts here on the blog and maybe have even chatted with her during our live chats. She’s been a faithful part of this group since it began and when I was in Canada for a quick overnight meeting this week, I got the opportunity to meet her up close and personal. 



What a wonderful treat it was to see a member of our virtual community! I thought you might enjoy it just as much as I did. I got to thinking about how the friendships we are forming virtually may have the opportunity to materialize in the weeks, months and years to come in all of our lives. Won’t it be neat to put a face with some of the “usernames” we’ve been using around here. You never know how the Lord might orchestrate your steps so that you run into someone in person who you only know on-line for now.

The connection – the sisterhood – we are building is something special.

I even got to read about another wonderful “pen-pal” connection here. You’ll love reading this sweet sister’s comments of how the Lord has done amazing things on this book club journey with the relationship that has formed.

Ok . . . So . . . how was your week? Hopefully, you finished up Faithfully His and have prayerfully signed the resolution at the end of that chapter. I hope you were able to join our live chat this past Monday evening. I’m telling you – Mindy and Katie were AMAZING and offered us such incredible insight and wisdom. If you didn’t see it, no worries, just click here and click play!

Now, how about your Bible verse for this week? Is Psalm 119:20-21 seared on your mind?

Today, we are moving on not only to a new resolution but a whole new section of the book. Did you notice that the book is divided into three sections?

1.) This is who I am

2.) This is what I have

3.) This is what matters to me. 

We have just completed section one and now we are entering into the second portion where we will look at what we have – or should have – to offer to ourselves and to those we love. I must admit that one of my favorite resolutions in this section is the one we are going to land on this week. 

It is A Resolution To Devote Myself Completely to God’s Priorities For My Life and it reads this way:

 I will seek to devote the best of myself, my time, and my talents to the primary roles the Lord has entrusted to me in this phase of my life. 

There you have it! One simple sentence chalked full of challenge . . . especially since you most likely feel like you are already giving your best and might even be a bit mad at me for suggesting that you give a bit more. So, if the theme of this week’s resolution kind of makes you huff in anticipated exhaustion, I want to encourage you to hang in there with me ’cause I think you’ll find that you leave this chapter a bit lighter . . . not heavier, busier and more burdened by a load of perfectionsim. 

I hope that you and your pen pal will have lots of great conversation this week (I think there will be lots to talk about) and that you will challenge each other to memorize this weeks’ Scripture verse. It’s one you might even already have seared on the landscape of your heart and mind. 

Whatever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father – Col 3:17

Even if this passage is as familiar as the pillows on top of your bed, take it out and fluff it up again. Even well-worn items need attention and refreshing every now and then. Ask the Lord to speak to you afresh and anew through it this week. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all week long. I read every single email that pops into my email box at bookclub@goingbeyond.com. It’s a joy to hear from you and to discover what God is doing in your life through these simple resolutions.

In closing – leave a comment today in response to this question: of the four resolutions we’ve already covered, which one has struck you the most and why?

Bless you and have a wonderful day,