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The Same All The Time

Feb 02, 2011

Recently, I was re-reading A Jewel in His Crown, which has such a great message on discovering your worth as a daughter of the King. You know, it’s kinda sad, but sometimes I simply FORGET to see myself with the value God places on me, and I need a reminder to pick myself up and put on those “royal robes” again. That’s what this book does for me.

I was really blessed by this little quote on page 142, from the song “The Same All The Time,” by Billy and Sarah Gaines:

For I know that sometimes the things that we think are for sure

They fade like the ending of the day

Sometimes the things that we think are secure

Pass away

For I know that sometimes the things that we seek and we find

Break both our hearts and our mind

But Lord, you are the same

The same all the time!

So I googled the song and found it right here, if you’d like to listen to it:

The Same All The Time

Isn’t it great to know that He really IS the same all the time? He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the first and the last. He hasn’t moved, he hasn’t changed, he has never left. That same God is with you today, in the midst of whatever you’re facing. He is your rock and strong tower – the answer to everything that you need.

How is God proving himself faithful to you today? Are you trusting in his unchanging nature and power? He IS trustworthy and true always has been and always will be – and you can count on him to carry you and value you.

You are a jewel in His Crown!