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Snow Day!

Feb 01, 2011


Look at this face! Pure joy.

You’re never too old (or too young) to enjoy a snow day. Our kids are out of school for the second day in a row because of the icy conditions in the Dallas area. Yippee!

Now, I might not be jumping for joy if this lops over into a third day, but for a day or two of unexpected “time out,” it has been a chance to embrace being “stuck” at home together. Hot cocoa all around!

I guess most of the country has been hit by this snow storm and it probably isn’t very fun up north, where this means some serious problems are happening. But sometimes I think there are some blessings to be found when a “change of plans” – one that’s beyond your control – happens.

In the past couple of days, Priscilla has gotten to make some great memories with her boys, and over at our house we’ve had a chance to spend time with my parents that we wouldn’t normally have. We invited them to spend the week with us when we heard bad weather was coming, and it has been really great.

Also, may I just say that I won my very first game of Scrabble ever against my folks? These people are PROFESSIONAL Scrabble players and I’m usually humiliated in competition against them. Victory was indeed sweet….this snow storm was soooo worth it.

Have you found any blessings in the midst of this winter storm? We’d love to be encouraged by your experience. What is God teaching you as you are “stuck” at home?


Rachel Anne