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Silent Night?

Priscilla | Dec 21, 2009

Hello sisters,

Thanks for stopping by today. Honestly, I could use a little “girlfriend” time. As Christmas Day quickly approaches and our days are filled with holiday cheer, I can’t help but feel a tad exhausted!

Two of my boys are school age, and their last day of classes was this past Friday. For some odd reason, it didn’t occur to me that they’d actually be home every day for the next two weeks – until Monday morning. There they sat at 6:30am, all three of them, looking at me. Excited to have a WHOLE DAY at home with mom and dad.

I just stared back at them blankly.

Jude, my 14 month old, hasn’t slept soundly for the last month or so, and my 7 year old gets up without fail every night, at least once, to ask me to scratch his back. The only sane one is the 5 year old. He alone seems to know that nights are for sleeping.

I’ve decided that whoever wrote “Silent Night” must not have had small children, or maybe they did at one time. But when they wrote about the wonder of peaceful holiday nights, sitting by a roaring fire with hot chocolate in hand, they were most certainly well into retirement age.

So here are my holidays: Not silent. Not overwhelmingly peaceful. But filled with joy and laughter and exhaustion and chaos. They’re tiring and hard and. . .I love them; every single day with these wild boys and this unkept house. (No point in trying to keep it clean until school starts back.)

So today, knowing I’m not alone, it’d be nice to hear what your holidays look like and how you’re finding yourself enjoying them just the way they are. Even if they aren’t silent and don’t fit the mold of your favorite Christmas carol. Here’s to Christmas. . . done your way.