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Slight Change in Plans

Nicole Staples | Dec 08, 2014

I find myself peering over the hill of a new season right now. Slightly hesitant as I keep looking back to see all that I’m leaving behind; but also ready to push, slide down and enjoy the ride as I move towards this new chapter ahead.

Since my college days I’ve always had housemates. For the majority of my time here in Texas, I’ve been living in a house with three other women. Yes, there were four of us and it has been one of my favorite living arrangements to date! I absolutely love community. We did life together. We held each other accountable, cried together, cooked together, shared clothes and pitched tents for sleepovers. We are sisters by choice.

But just a few months ago I began to feel different. I woke up one day feeling that my time there had come to and end. I wrestled with the thought, not sure of where it had come from since I was completely comfortable right where I was.

I prayed about it. Constantly. The last time I felt this way, I had packed my SUV with all of my belongings and traveled across four state lines to Texas! Please, nothing too drastic this time. I waited a few weeks to see if the thought would pass.

It didn’t.

Moving Day

A new season was taking shape for a party of one. Excitement and peace overshadowed doubt. The search began and soon after, I fell in love with one place in particular. And I mean just one place. One place that had a waiting list of 70+ people deep. Boy, I knew how to pick ‘em.

That was my Plan A . . . my Plan B . . . and to cover any loose ends, it was also my Plan C.

I know, I know.

Well, it’s been three months since the search began and today marks a little over a week since I’ve moved in to my Plan A (. . . and B and C). Thankfully. I’m sitting here in the dark with the smell of fresh paint still lingering and a few boxes still scattered about while eating cereal out of a Dixie cup with a plastic spoon because, frankly, I’ve yet to unpack my grown-up dishes. I’m filled with anticipation on what lies ahead as I recount the decisions made just a few months prior that brought me to this very spot. It wasn’t a part of my original plan but I’m so glad my plans don’t take precedence. (Proverbs 16:9)

Survival Kit Box     Contents of Survival Box

So, here’s to a new season! We will always find ourselves in one whether we are moving in to, making our way out of, or just sitting dab smack in the middle of one. Whatever season you find yourself in, take heart. Some aren’t always met with excitement and anticipation but trust that God will not place us in a position to harm us but to love on us, to give us an opportunity for growth, and to make His glory known.

Until next time . . .

Nicole 🙂