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T-Shirt Winner

Sep 27, 2010

Did you guys see how many t-shirts Pat has? 125! count them… 1.2.5. Miss Pat, how many drawers to you have to have to hold all those t-shirts?! And how long did it take you to count all those shirts? That is hilarious! 

And then I’m amazed that some of you have only 5. I don’t think I’ll ever only have 5 t-shirts. 

Anyway, back to the important part. The winner. I had to pull my roommate into my room to help me pick. There was no way I could do it myself. We actually had a little too much fun with the whole thing. And believe me when I say, we had to try a few times to actually get it right. But know that it was a complete random drawing, and after a few tries, we finally have our winner…..




yay! We crown you the first official winner of a Going Beyond t-shirt on our blog! Congratulations. Please send us your shipping information to info@goingbeyond.com along with the size that you would like (small-xxl)

Thanks to everyone for participating, and don’t worry.. there’s more to come!

Much love to you all.