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Taking Time to Listen

Apr 09, 2013

Life has been a little bit nuts for me lately. There’s a lot of exciting things happening mixed with a lot of hard things that I’m having to continually walk through. There’s moments of joy and moments when I’d rather crawl in a hole and not come out. 

In the midst of it all, I feel like I have let the craziness get the best of me and I haven’t taken the time I need to get away to the secret place with God. Instead of pausing in the midst of the storm, I’ve just been going and trying to keep up. It is causing confusion in my mind about what God is saying to me and how He wants me to respond. 

On my way into work yesterday morning I was talking to my brother on the phone, explaining to him all that has been happening as of late. His very first question to me was, Linnae, what do you think God is saying? I paused.. and I told him the truth. I have no idea what He is saying. Because I’m not listening. I’m not taking the time to ask Him what He thinks about it all. 

Why is it that when I need to hear God the most, I let all the other voices and happenings of this world take over my time and I’m not intentional about listening to God? 

This time, I’m going to listen. I’m resolved to letting Gods voice be the ultimate one I listen to and give Him my full attention. 

So today, I pause. And I spend time with Him. And I give Him space to speak…. if He chooses to. And when He wants to. 

What about you? Are you lisetning? Are you giving Him space to speak?

Hoping we all gain another level of intimacy with our Father this week!