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The Winter War Countdown – Week Three

Priscilla | Jul 03, 2018


We are three weeks in to our Winter War countdown! Check out week one and two if you’d like to catch up. Each week we’ve been discussing a different topic from the book with your children in mind. Spiritual warfare, God’s victory over death, and this week, how to nurture the gifts God has given your child.

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Janet Morris and Ashley Tyler

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TELL US: In what ways have you seen a perceived weakness in your child that could be a gift used for God’s glory? How do you encourage your child to celebrate their unique gifts (and the gifts of others) without falling in to the trap of comparison?

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So, what were other parents saying about last week’s topic on teaching your child about God’s victory over death? Below are a few of the comments shared. You can read more here. We are praying that hearing from others will encourage you and provide examples on how to talk to your children about the topic!

Susan P. says: My grand daughter was only 4 when my brother passed. After the service, she asked me if she could ask a question. “Of course!” With her big beautiful innocent eyes she asked, “Grammie, why was Uncle Harvey in a treasure box?” I explained how it was just his earth suit . . . not really Uncle Harvey. He was with Jesus. Someday we will be with Him, with Jesus.

Ruth H. says: We’ve shared how the passed on person’s body is like a glove. The glove is left here while the hand (soul) is with Jesus!

Holly C. says: Fortunately my boys have not had to experience someone close to us dying yet. However they have had questions and concerns about it. In short, we have always told our boys that God knows the day and the hour of our deaths and when He wants us home with Him. We have explained to them that nothing can take us from this world if it isn’t our time to go. We have also talked about how it is so very important to be spiritually ready for that day.

Staci K. says: As a family, Heaven has become a part of our daily conversations. My 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter have such excitement about what God has prepared for them once our time on Earth is over. They have an expectation of “what’s next” and know that as believers in Jesus, there is so much more. We have prayed fervently for family and friends who were sick, and I was afraid that they might struggle when those loved ones died, but God surprised me when the kids showed amazing faith, and talked about them as if they were still alive, just getting to experience Heaven and wondering about all they were getting to see. Wow! There is no sting in death, as believers, but great expectation of the Home we have ahead of us!

Sharon S. says: My husband and I started our life together a little older than the average couple, but we were still blessed with a daughter at about year 3 of our marriage. Because we were older, she worried that something would happen to us. What I would tell her is that we all have a time to live on this Earth and do a job God has for us. Even Jesus had a job here and when He finished He went to Heaven and made a way so we could go there and be with Him when our job here is done. She never has to be afraid or sad about us leaving because she could be sure that we are in Heaven waiting for her . . . 

Christy E. says: Whenever we hear a death of a person we know or loved, I always take that chance to reiterate to my children or anybody with me at that time that death of the body is not to be feared if you are in God because it is the beginning of eternal life. True, we miss the person but if we know that he is with the Almighty One, and that he is enjoying the most beautiful life we couldn’t imagine, that’s more than a relief to us.