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The Winter War Countdown – Week Two

Priscilla | Jun 26, 2018


Welcome to week two of our Winter War countdown. Last week we talked about spiritual warfare and asked that you share how you teach your kiddos about the topic. We received sooo many great comments and we are sharing a handful of them below.

But first . . . today’s topic.

Press play and let’s start week two!

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Carolena Henderson and Stephanie Thomas

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A signed copy of The Winter War and an Unseen devotional.

(Step 1) In the comment section below, share how you explain God’s victory over death to your young ones.
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Can’t wait to read your comments!


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So, what were other parents saying about last week’s topic on spiritual warfare? Below are a few of the comments shared. You can read more here. We are praying that hearing from others will encourage you and provide examples on how to talk to your children about the topic!

Arnitta J. says: My husband and I have instilled the weapons of warfare from Ephesians 6 in our children and how each are used. They learn the principles by watching us as parents and the way we respond to the enemy. They also learn by our showing them the subtle attacks on their very own lives and explaining how Satan is out to destroy.

Carolyn F. says: First we had to establish that there IS an enemy and that he is at work. And that there IS a war happening that we are part of but we usually cannot see. We used these books as well as parts of the Armor of God study to talk about these topics. It’s an ongoing discussion that is preparing our family for whatever the future holds.

Deborah K. says: Devotions, Bible study and family prayer times with lots of talks in between!

Trish F. says: I have taught them that you face your fears with the armor of God everyday. They are apart of God’s army and as long as they know what part of the armor is needed at a specific time in facing fears, they will have no trouble battling the enemy on any day of the week. My youngest son has taken this to heart due to losing his father at a young age and with facing things that a dad should help them with, I do by best with the armor I have and make sure he and his brother are well equipped for each and every battle. And with the Prince Warrior books, my youngest has even more tools to understand the importance of wearing the armor of God everyday.

Stephanie T. says: I’ve told my daughter when she is feeling depressed, oppressed, etc. that she needs to try to realize (as I also need to realize) that in the thick of our struggles, we need to recognize that it is the enemy and that she needs to start praying and reading the Word.

Eric S. says: We teach our children the principles of spiritual warfare by sharing the Word of God with them, and teaching them how to pray and the importance of praying.  We explain and show them how to use the word of God as a weapon. We are helping them to learn how to use all the armor of God.  We do it with games, memory verses, and life lessons.