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Oct 10, 2011

For just about 2 years now I have been debating about whether or not I was going to buy a pair of Toms. You see them all over the place these days. I have always loved them, but there is something in me that makes me never want to follow the crowd and have the same thing everyone else has. It’s probably more of a pride thing than anything, but we’ll just say that I like to be original =0

Well, instead of giving in to the shoe fad, I bought a pair of Rocketdogs several years ago that I literraly wore at least 3 if not 5 times a week. I had these for 5 years, and wore them to pieces, so much so that they tore the other day. It was a very sad day for me, and after not having them for only about 2 days I realized it was probably time to replace them. 

So….. I decided to give in to my love for Toms and buy a pair of these:

(I got the ones on the bottom, the gray ones)

Let me tell you that these shoes are COMFORTABLE. And not only that, but it is a genius organization that donates a pair of shoes every time a pair is bought. 

Priscilla and I just found out tonight that we have both come to love these shoes and we will now be wearing our Toms every day that we can =) She had a pair of these on tonight and I love them as well…..

So, just for the sake of talking style, because that’s what we do on here.. aren’t our new shoes so fun?!?!!? 

Thanks for humoring me today. Talk soon.