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Dara’s Birthday

Oct 11, 2011

Since you guys got to meet Dara the other week on one of our live chats for the book club, I thought you might like to know that we had so much fun celebrating her 31st birthday yesterday. 

It all started with a 6:15am run around the neighborhood with Kristin and I. (Jenny was in the kitchen making delicious chocolate chip banana pancakes) Jenny, by the way, is the best cook/baker in the world. She made an amazing “barbie” cake for a 5yr olds birthday this past weekend and I’m not kidding when I say that it was the most unreal thing I have ever seen. AND it tastes delicious! Moms, if you need someone to make a cake for you, you just let me know and I can see if we can convince her to do one for you =) Check this out…….

I know, right? Ridiculous!

ANYWAY, we sent Dara off to work for the day, and reconvened back at our house at 6:45pm for dinner. We ate the most delicious meal at a restaurant here called Tolouse. It’s this little french place that we had never been to before and it was fantastic! They even gave us a free dessert that was a little piece of heaven in the mouth: warm, chocolate nutella cake! yummmmm

Of course we sat there and talked for quite some time. We have a tendency to eat for hours when we are together. 

Let me just tell you how much I love me some Dara. She is one of my favorite things about living in Dallas. Really, I think I have the most amazing friends – I’m a lucky gal. Here are a few pictures from our night . . . 

(Dara on the left and Jenny on the right)

(that’s Kristin on the right)

Join me in wishing our sweet friend Dara a happy belated birthday!