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Turn Around Don’t Drown

Michone' | Jun 04, 2015

If you are from Texas the title of this blog is probably all too familiar. Radio, evening news, and social media all honed in on this very simple statement throughout the last week.

“Turn around don’t drown” seemed to be everywhere.

As the clouds rolled in yet another night, feelings of heaviness flooded my heart. Another night of heavy rains and flooded roads. As I struggled to understand how the place that I used to call home was completely flooded, the place that I currently call home was beginning to be overtaken by water as well.

Is everyone ok, safe, at home, and out of harms way?

Because of the overcast skies, our days were as dark as our evenings. As we all experienced and extremely wet May, I began to see the strange resemblance that nature had with our day-to-day lives. I reached for comfort knowing that God knew exactly what He was doing even though the rain and storms had not quite stopped. I also gained peace in knowing that the storms of life would not go unnoticed by God.

2015_06_03_Turn Around Don’t Drown - 1

The weather last week reminded me of the conversations that we often have with our heavenly Father. Have you forgotten, God? Forgotten to calm the storm, forgotten to stop the rain? Did you look today to see all that we are going through? All that we are enduring?

We are often plagued with questions of doubt when the trials and transitions of life come. Forgetting all the victories from before, we question how did I get here and what is the quickest way out? We plot, plan, scheme, and then when we have exhausted all options we scream “God why have you forgotten me?” I often find myself in these moments of frustration only to remember that in the last storm, I was given the incredible opportunity to trust. To sit back and trust our heavenly Father who always knows and who always sees exactly what is going on.

And then comes the sun.

The Son . . .

. . . to gently remind us that God has all but forgotten. Sunday was one of the most beautiful days that I have ever seen here in Texas. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the clouds resembled a perfectly designed painting.

2015_06_03_Turn Around Don’t Drown - 2

All of Dallas came out to experience this incredible weather that had become foreign to us over the last couple of weeks. There were kites and fishing, swimming and picnics, strangers meeting new friends and dogs scurrying around. It was beautiful. How could we have forgotten that on the other side of every storm is sunshine, and on the other side of every storm of life is a deeper more intimate connection with our Father.

So grateful that nature often serves as a reminder that God is in control and that everything we go through is simply an opportunity to trust God deeper. The last few weeks I have been parked on a song by Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger entitled “You Know Me” and the sweet lyrics continue to comfort my heart.

And nothing is hidden from Your sight 
Wherever I go, You find me 

And You know every detail of my life 

And You are God and You don’t miss a thing