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June’s Jewelry Box Has Arrived!

The Going Beyond Team | Jun 08, 2015

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“Is your life unsettled? Shaken? Stirred up by fortuitous circumstances and interruptions that have left you dazed and dizzy? Fresh difficulties and struggles or opportunities and activities wafting around you that refused to be tamed or controlled? You stumble into bed at night and then struggle to keep yourself sure-footed and balanced during the day. Your circle of influence caught up in a fluster of pulsating surprises that you aren’t quite sure how to navigate.”

Are you nodding your head? I know there has been some point in our lives where we can relate. Some of us all too well.  The comforting news is God has us safely in His hands through it all.  Priscilla’s latest Jewelry Box article testifies to that.  You can read more of it right here.  It will be time well spent that you won’t regret.

For our readers that are new, first of all, welcome!  We want to let you know that Priscilla’s Jewelry Box articles can arrive in your inbox once a month, if you wish. Once you’re on the Jewelry Box page, take a look to your right and there will be an opportunity for you to subscribe. (If you’re on your mobile, scroll to the bottom.) Of course, you’re also free to visit us right here. We enjoy the company!

We hope you are encouraged by this month’s article. And don’t forget, we’ve been praying for each of you . . .

– The Going Beyond Team