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Wardrobe Woes…SOLVED!

Jul 04, 2013

ARG!  I have gone into my closet a million times this week and I keep thinking, “I have NOTHING TO WEAR!” I feel like a middle school girl complaining to my mom, complete with a pouty groan and whiney tone when I tell my friend I’m running late (again!) because I can’t “find anything to wear!”  And while some girls can come up with a cute outfit just by perusing their hangars, this former tomboy has to have a little inspiration…read:  someone else’s outfit for me to copy!

So, I’ve decided to do a little sleuthing and re-inspire my closet.  I went onto Pinterest and a few other fun little sites and hunted down some cute outfits that I could replicate with stuff I already have.  I think these fun pant outfits will be just the ticket to keep my budget intact and make me feel like my wardrobe is refreshed!  

The Hangout

I have a fantastic pair of baggy, holey jeans that I love…and a striped tank!  Annnnd a leopard print bangle.  

The Classy Monochrome

I love this outfit in ALL white.  I have a white tee and jeans that can easily pull this off…never thouht of pairing them together before…with a pair of heels, this is PERFECT for an evening at dinner with my besties!

All Jean, All the Time

Again, a monochrome look that I’ve never considered doing:  Jean on jean.  I’m a recovering clothes matcher. Meaning, in my younger years I had to match shirt with shoes with jewelry, etc.  Now, with all the mix-n-match prints, I’ve started to get a little out of my box.  This monochrome feel like the next step on my matchy-turned-mixer-(now!)turned-monochrome journey!

Sassy and Single!

Um, our GB shirt would look so sassy with my faux leather pants.  Just sayin’.


Ok.  There are a few fun pieces I’m gonna’ try out this week…hope your Friday is just fabulous!