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Weekly Devotionals….and Skinny Jeans

Nov 16, 2010

If you frequent our Going Beyond blog, you’ve probably already realized that you are always in for a surprise when you stop in. From Priscilla’s great posts, to updates on what’s going on in the ministry here, to behind-the-scenes peeks, to fashion and hair, to food….there is never a dull moment! 

Today is no exception…we’re talking about this week’s devotional – and skinny jeans – in the same post. Yeah, you get it ALL, around here.

Did you catch the weekly devotional that’s on the Home Page? There is a scrolling icon at the bottom that takes you to a new topic every week. This week’s is on “abiding”….something that God has been speaking to my heart in recent days. This is perfect timing to re-examine what it means to abide, and Priscilla has some great thoughts on it here – don’t miss it.

weekly devotional

And now for skinny jeans. Yesterday, Avis LaFrance, our resident wardrobe expert, was our guest – answering questions and giving advice. She gave me a photo of some skinny jeans to include – and somehow it never made it into the post. Can I blame it on technology? Or must I ‘fess up to making a boo-boo? Well, whatever the reason (I’ll never tell) here it is…

legging jean

I heard Avis say “the secret of leggings/skinny jeans is “balance”” but I’m not sure tucking your shirt into them is a good idea….for regular (non model) people. I’m just sayin’. I’ll let Avis weigh in on that if she wants. What do YOU think??

Have a blessed day – filled with the variety that keeps life interesting!

Rachel Anne