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WFA Summer | Summer Recap!

The Going Beyond Team | Aug 31, 2015

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We pray you’ve had an amazing, AMAZING weekend! Did you get a chance to see War Room at your local theater? You, yes YOU, supported this film in such a big way!  We cannot thank you enough for your support. The Kendrick brothers, the cast, the crew and every single person involved have hearts that are filled to the brim with gratitude. What makes this film so special is that it has a life changing lesson attached to it – the power of prayer! You’ve let the world know that faith-based films are definitely needed and its messages are important. THANK YOU.

If you’re new to our blog, for the past two months we’ve been counting down to the release of the movie War Room and new resources from Priscilla, the Fervent book and Armor of God Bible study! First, we kicked off our WFA Summer Series with a live webcast! Then, each week after that, Priscilla talked about a specific piece of armor. She began with the belt of truth and last week, ended with prayer. If you’ve missed any of it don’t you fret!  Just scroll to the bottom of this page where we’ve included links to each post. You can watch them during your lunch break, listen while you’re folding laundry, cooking dinner or include them in your morning devotions! 

War Room    Fervent Cover     Armor of God


We have TWO contests that we need to announce winners for!

Last Monday and Wednesday’s blog, we talked about prayer.  If you missed last week’s blogs, definitely check them out. We asked you to post a one sentence prayer and the prayers that were posted have created one long prayer chain. If you’d like to pray for someone today, there were many prayers on our blog. When you have a moment, lift a sister up in prayer. Come in agreement with her. Want to let her know you’ve prayed for her? Click on the reply button underneath her prayer and leave a few words of encouragement. 🙂

Our winners for the Fervent book and War Room goodies are:

Kristin S.
Tia F.
Bianca J.

On Friday’s blog, we asked you to tell us the city and state you’d be watching War Room.  It was so great to see how many churches were going – selling out theaters left and right! Incredible.  The winners for the signed movie posters are:  

Cathy J.
Stephanie G.

Ladies, congratulations to each of you. We will be contacting you soon! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the summer on our blog just as much as we have. If there was a favorite armor, one that challenged you or made you view things differently, talk to us and let us know in the comments below! Or you can even tweet or post to Facebook any great nuggets you’ve come away with using the hashtag #WFASummer.

In His Love,
The Going Beyond Team


A Call to Prayer (video)
Chatting with Alex Kendrick (video)

Sword of the Spirit (video)
Chatting with Ms. Beth! (video)
Helmet of Salvation (video)
Slumber Party! (video)
Shield of Faith (video)

On Guard
Shoes of Peace (video)

Gospel Nikes of Peace
The Breastplate of Righteousness (video)

Righteousness Looks Good on You
Belt of Truth (video)

Forgiveness and Mercy
Live Webcast (video)