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What a Great Weekend!

Apr 03, 2011

I had a great weekend. I got to be a part of an event attended by nearly 80,000 other women around the planet. While I was with 1500 of those women in Panama City, Florida, others gathered in churches near and far for the first ever Going Beyond Simulcast.

I still can’t quite wrap my mind around how 400 different venues were able to be part of the same event via live telecast. My mind boggles at the thought. Can you imagine the technological coordination it takes to pull off something like that? And yet, somehow, the Lord caused the churches to have a clean, clear signal for the entire conference.

We had groups as far away as Singapore and as close to my own hometown as Grand Prairie, Texas. Every denomination under the sun was represented and together we worshipped deeply and sought God passionately. And as always. . . He delivered.

During the event, many groups emailed photos of their live experience as it was happening. I’ve loved getting to see the faces of those gathered in other parts of the world.

One of the hghlights of the event for me (there were many) was watching the hearts of women be touched by the dramatic ministry taking place to the women of Uganda through Watoto – a ministry started by Gary and Marilyn Skinner. As soon as I mentioned the dire and very practical need of the sisters in that part of the country, women responded by opening their hearts, and then their wallets, to give liberally to the great work occurring there. In Panama City alone, over $10,000 was immediately raised. And since I’d encouraged women to do some spring cleaning and donate the change hanging out at the bottom of their purses, we haven’t even gotten around to counting up all of those loose coins. So, I can’t imagine how much more our total gift will grow in the days and weeks to come.

I’ve gotten a couple tweets from folks to tell me that money has been raised by their groups as well. Marty Pittman in Alabama told me that they are sending around $900 to Watoto and Rebekah Hebert’s group in Mississippi raised another $800. Sue’s group in Nebraska raised $380 and the ladies of
Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA will be sending in $1700. WONDERFUL!!! I can only imagine how many more dollars are on their way to this incredible ministry and will accomplish an astounding work in the lives of our sisters half way around the world.Thank you for partnering with me.Well, I’m so anxious to know how your experience was during the simulcast.

What was the most pertinent thing the Lord spoke to your heart?
How much money did your group raise for Watoto, or what ministry did your group choose to support locally in your area?
If you were praying about something specific during the event, how have you seen God already working to answer your prayer?

Looking forward to all of the great reports from our weekend together,Priscilla