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What’s My Best?

Jul 25, 2011

I sat on the couch, watching a forgettable movie, and wondered….”is THIS what my best looks like?”

Granted, my family was away, my work was done and my brain was tired, so there was nothing wrong with enjoying a few minutes of harmless entertainment. But still, the conversations this week about the Resolutions popped into my head and distracted me from the screen. That Resolution #5! It’s doing a number on me.

I paused the movie and literally *pictured* what the best of me would look like. Squinting my eyes helped me imagine it. Try it, it works – at least it does for me.

My Best Me gets up and has devotions and quiet time before the day gets underway.
My Best Me walks regularly and does some weight training.
My Best Me is available and supportive to my husband.
My Best Me is a firm but loving parent.
My Best Me actually KNOWS what my primary roles and responsibilities are.

I must confess that in many areas, I give my Halfhearted Me. Or my Resigned Me. Or my Overwhelmed Me.

But somewhere in there is my Best Me. I’m really grateful that Lord is bringing the Resolutions into my life so that I can re-prioritize, reevaluate and renew my vision for the kind of woman He knows I can be.

Like Darlene said, I don’t want to miss this.


What does your Best YOU look like? Pick one area of your life and focus on that today….give the best of yourself to it and see what God does. I hope you’ll share what he is doing in you.

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