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When Seasons (Don’t) Change

Nicole | Sep 06, 2016


Fall, come quickly. I beg. I plead.

The summer heat has really outdone its welcome. We’ve experienced enough of the near 100+ degree temps here in Texas. Summer is more than free to step aside so that Fall may step to the forefront and show off in all its glory. I’m ready for pumpkin spiced everything. Even my air conditioner has begun a protest of sorts. And really . . . I don’t blame it.  It’s worked hard all summer and this morning, it decided to call it quits. Just like that. It’s now blowing air in tight competition with the same air that’s outside.


I’m ready for a new season. Yesterday.

Frankly, sometimes seasons don’t change as quickly as we’d hope for. I know there will be a moment during the winter months that I’ll be dreaming of that warm sun against my skin. This longing (and begging) for change is not just my current reality for the weather. It’s also a reality in my current season of life. Wishing God would move me out of this long, uncomfortable season and on to the next.

Ready to move. There are times I’ve prayed so hard that He would take my current circumstances and make them right. We may feel our burdens have outdone their welcome. We may feel we’ve worked our hardest to endure but want to call it quits. But don’t dare give up, my friend. Know that He is a purposeful God, shaping and molding His children to be more like HIm. If Spring were to come and go too quickly, flowers wouldn’t have a chance to bloom.

I’d love to share a few words with you from Priscilla that was captured at a recent conference. It was so timely for what I was going through. Click play on the video below and be encouraged! I know I sure was!

Fall will arrive. In its perfect timing.

Praying for you,

Priscilla Shirer PSL