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Which Hat Are You Wearing?

Sep 12, 2010

The Women’s Ministry at our church kicked off the Fall season with a coffee time at a local coffeehouse yesterday. Our theme was “Hats Off to You, Girl!,” and we encouraged women to wear or create a hat that repesents something from their lives. Women wear so many different hats: mom, sister, friend, worker, taxi driver, event planner, referree, wife, Sunday School teacher, mentor, decorator, chef…..it’s tough to keep track of all that is required of us sometimes! I feel dizzy just thinking about it.

For the event, I fashioned a Hockey Mom hat to represent something from my life. Between my son playing on one team and my husband coaching another, there will be lots of time spent at area rinks this year. Here I am with my creation:


hockey mom

I can’t imagine why no one took me seriously with that hockey stick on my head.

One of the gals in our group, Linda Hatchat, shared a message that reminded us of the most important thing we can put on our heads: a crown. She set a tiara on top of her “Superwoman” hat and said that we need to be careful to not let all the hats we wear crowd out the one that stands for “Daughter of the King.” Our relationship with the Lord needs to come first.

What a great illustration! And it brought home the fact that we can CHOOSE to wear that crown, or cast it aside in our busyness. In all our running around, taking care of kids and business and committees and diapers…our greatest role is that of God’s child. He loves us, and longs for us to set all that aside to spend time with Him. “Can you spend just three minutes of uninterrupted time with Him? Each day for seven days?” Linda asked. Sounds easy enough – we just have to take off one of our other hats in order to do it.

How about you? Which hat are YOU wearing in this season of life?

Rachel Anne, Hockey Mom – and Daughter of the King