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Will the Heat Ever End?

Aug 03, 2011

Since those of us here in the south are burning up in 100+ degree weather, I thought it might be fitting for us to dream a little bit about the FALL: sweaters, boots, and cooler weather. And while we’re at it, I think we should find a few things that we wish we owned . . .  


J Crew coat – this coat is almost too perfect

Wingfall Blouse from Anthropologie – LOVE yellow!

SteveMadden Boots – am I the only one who thinks these are beautiful?

scarves – probably my favorite thing about the Fall

Clearly I’m doing a lot of dreaming, but doesnt it get you excited for the fall? Too bad we are nowhere near being able to wear any of these items. Until then, I will continue doing everything possible while being indoors and out of this miserable weather! Hoping you are inside today too!