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Workout Tips, Anyone?

Michone' | Apr 29, 2015

Around here Nicole and I have had a bad habit of snacking on chocolate here and there, guzzling sugared down coffee, and sitting for long periods of time. Now if you know anything at all about healthy living and treating your body as a temple, you know that this is a sure way to avoid it at all cost.

So, we’ve been thinking . . .

chocolate-19724_1280We’ve attempted, on many of occasions, to create simple things to do around the office to be more active and health conscious. We’ve tried watching each others eating habits, encouraging each other to take a walk or exercise after work, or simply slapping brownies out of each others hand. Ha!

But seriously, I mean we’ve done lunges and squats around the office, researched using exercise balls in place of desk chairs, you name it. It honestly never ends. We are determined to stay healthy here.  So, we’ve decided to put a little list together of a few do’s and dont’s for us to start with.

And we just thought we would share! Care to join us??


  • If at all possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Split your lunch time. Use half of the time to eat and the other half to take a brisk walk.
  • Take time periodically throughout the day to stretch or stand at your desk.


  • Forget to meal prep healthy meals for lunch! This is crucial with staying on track with your eating habits.
  • Binge on chocolate and other snacks loaded with sugar. This one is so hard for us sweet tooth lovers.
  • Load your cup of coffee with an abundance of creamer and sugar.

This is a start for us but we realize that it’s only the tip of the iceberg! So, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions that keep you on track. How do you stay active at work, especially those of you who have a desk job? How do you keep your healthy eating habits a habit?

Share your tips!

Nothing too crazy now . . .

Work Out at the Office

See you back here on the blog on Friday!