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Mind the Clutter

Nicole | Jun 06, 2017


My purse. It’s big and it’s full of all sorts of random finds. Think “Mary Poppins” minus the lamp. Good chance you may find a spoon . . . and possibly even sugar. It has been so heavy at times that it could easily rival the weight of an infant. It’s completely full and cluttered with the most random of items. If there’s something you’re in need of, there’s a good chance I’m your girl!

Bobby pins? How many do you need? Fruit snacks? Let’s break bread. Makeup bag? What lip color are you looking for? Chick-fila sauce? I mean, I’ve got plenty to share. I’ve definitely fallen victim to carrying around more than what was necessary.

If there’s something in particular that I’m looking for though, I can guarantee it won’t be a quick find in a purse that’s so full of stuff. I’d have to push aside my lint roller and last week’s movie tickets, take out my over-sized planner and remove the box of fruit snacks before I hit the jackpot. Let’s just say it . . . I’m carrying around too much junk.

How easy would it be for me to find the necessities if all of the junk were removed?

One word – declutter.

What’s the state of your heart and mind when you don’t take the time to declutter what you’ve been feeding yourself? With the daily activities and social media apps to check, it’s easy to ignore the obvious – my heart and mind are being weighted down with life’s distractions. If I don’t take the time I know I need to spend with God and let His words pour over me, my thoughts become more saturated with outside factors. For me, the result manifests itself in my actions and in my thought life.

Reading the Bible Blog

My mind is filled with my list of to-do’s and yesterday’s worries.

My heart is cluttered with records of past offenses, assumed accusations and unrealistic comparisons.

The truths of God’s word have taken residence inside of me but the clutter does a great job of muffling His voice. There’s a lot of digging through assumptions, moving aside hurts and climbing over bricks from walls we’re in the midst of constructing, all just to get to the truth.

How much easier would it be to find the necessities – God’s truths – tucked in your heart if all the junk were removed? Be intentional with removing the things that distract you from hearing His voice. Then be intentional by replacing what you’ve removed with time in God’s word. Your perspective will shift and the weight will begin to lift. The clutter is eliminated while truth rises to the surface. What His word says about you, about us, about our situation, will be easy to find. When we experience moments where we feel less than, forgotten about, overwhelmed or defeated, we don’t have to sift through the rubble to find His truth.

Until next time,