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For Better or For Worse?

Priscilla | Apr 22, 2010


I’m appalled.


I’m completely and utterly dumbfounded. My life is filled with friends – young and old, newly married and seasoned spouses, black, white and everything in between, middle class and well-to-do – and an extraordinary amount of them are having the same difficulty.

Their marriages are falling apart. I almost burst into tears the other day, fresh off of a phone call with a friend who just found out her spouse was leaving her and their four children in search of something “better”. Yet, it wasn’t just her disturbing revelation that had my emotions in a state of turmoil. It was the fact that her story was just the cherry on top of the mountainous cake that had been dished out to me in recent months of my life. It seems that tons of folks in my world are teetering on the edge of divorce, or are remaining married but in completely passionless and disconnected relationships.

And so, I’m sad and you probably are too . . . if not for your own marriage than for some friends of yours that fit the bill. Their stories are sobering reminders that apart from God’s grace, each of us is only a moment away from the enemy getting a foothold in our own relationships.

So today, can we have a prayer chain for marriages? I’m talking about the marriages of people you know or . . . your own marriage. If you want to record details, you can. (Feel free to be anonymous if need be). Otherwise, just give us two first names (Jane+Jack) and I bet there will be chain of women who visit our blog, who will join me in storming the heavens to ask for peace, joy, passion, wisdom and restoration to be given in abundance.

Let’s do it . . . I believe our prayers can make a difference. In fact, I know they will.