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Aug 29, 2010

This is me with my friend,
Bridgette yesterday.

Priscilla and Bridgette1


This is me with Bridgette today.

Priscilla and Bridgette2


Today, she purposefully sat down in front of a mirror while someone
stood behind her with a razor and shaved her head. She didn’t cry,
complain or drop her head in disgust. She watched the whole thing with a
smile on her face and even stopped for giggles and photos to document
the process – especially when the stylist gave her a mohawk like her son
has always wanted.

When it was all over, Bridgette felt good. She felt good because the
minute that chemo started to cause her hair to come out she decided that
she, not the medicine, would choose when she lost all of it.

She. . . . . is brave.

When she felt the lump.
When she got the diagnosis.
When she went in for her first surgery.
When she found out the surgery didn’t get it all.
When she found out that chemo would have to be endured
And. . . . as she trusts God to use give her a testimony that brings
glory to his name.


I’m grateful for Bridgette’s bravery. In fact, she wears a leather

everyday that says so. It’s a reminder to her that she doesn’t have to
give in – not by a long shot – not with all of God’s power at her
disposal like it is.
So, I’m grateful for Bridgette. She reminds me to face life with a smile
and a bit of bravery. If she can do it. . . so can we.

Whose bravery has inspired yours?